The Networks: Executives

Created by Gil Hova

The Networks: Executives
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3,063 backers pledged $142,022.00 on Kickstarter

So you’ve proven your worth in the past. We know you can run an ordinary TV network. Big deal. We have a bigger challenge for you. Here are 12 unique Network Executives, each with their own weird characteristics. Every Executive has powers, but they also have significant liabilities. Can you master each Executive’s idiosyncrasies, draft the best Season 0 cards, claim your true status as a Mogul, and come out on top? The Networks: Executives is an expansion to the hit board game The Networks. You must have the base game The Networks in order to play it.

Raised in Kickstarter
$142,022.00 / 3,063 backers
Raised in BackerKit
$9,997.00 / 2,903 backers

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Off to BGG.CON!
7 days ago – Tue, Nov 14, 2017 at 12:05:24 AM

Hi Networks backer!

Just a quick note that I am off to BGG.CON tomorrow morning, so I wanted to make sure you know that I may respond slowly to comments and messages over the next week. I promise to reply to anything you ask!

There's a lot of work to do when I get back, but I will *finally* have all my conventions for the year behind me. Expect updates on the PNP, the ongoing graphic design work, and the final decision about the $150K stretch goal in the next few weeks.

Thank you for filling out the BackerKit surveys! It's making things on my end a lot easier.

And thanks for being a backer! If you'll be at BGG.CON this year, please come by to the Aviators room and say hello.

Modified shipping prices for some add-ons, and a reminder about add-ons!
12 days ago – Thu, Nov 09, 2017 at 05:33:00 PM

Hi Networks Executives backer!

First off, a reminder: you do not need to select add-ons in BackerKit unless you want extra copies of stuff. BackerKit should only ask for your credit card number if you are ordering copies of games beyond what you're getting for your pledge.

Second: after getting feedback from you, I've taken another look at the shipping costs for On the Air and the replacement Network Cards, and I've cut them to something more reasonable.

On the Air will now cost $2 to ship in the US, $3 everywhere else. Replacement Network Cards will now cost $1 to ship anywhere in the world.

Note that these reduced costs don't apply to those of you in Brazil or Russia. Sadly, shipping there is still quite expensive.

Again: These shipping costs will only apply if you order extra copies of On the Air or replacement Network Cards, beyond what you're getting in your pledge. You already got reduced shipping for what's coming to you in your Kickstarter pledge.

Thanks again everyone for your feedback! This is an example of how you all make this a better campaign.

13 days ago – Tue, Nov 07, 2017 at 10:39:34 PM

Thanks to all of you who have filled out your BackerKit survey so far!

I want to make sure everyone's clear on something: You do NOT need to enter your credit card info into BackerKit if you are not adding anything to your pledge!

BackerKit knows what's included in your pledge. If you pledged at $29, it knows you're getting a copy of Executives with all the stretch goals, and that you've already paid for it through Kickstarter. You don't need to manually add a copy of Executives, unless you specifically want a second copy.

I don't want anyone to accidentally order extra copies and pay money they didn't mean to. So if you've entered your credit card info into BackerKit, please make sure it's because you want additional product. Otherwise, go ahead and remove the add-on product. 

And as I mentioned yesterday, I'm not actually charging anyone's BackerKit credit cards for a few months. So you have time to make changes if you need to. You can do this by performing the following steps...

  • Go to the "Add-ons" step of your survey,
  • At the bottom, there's a box for "Add-on Items," with a button for "Edit Add-ons." Click it.
  • Look for the "Add-on items" section on the right of the page, and clicking the trash can icon next to any products you added but don't actually need. (You'll see the items you're already getting in the box just above it.)

If you have questions, BackerKit's customer service is very good, and will help you with any issues that come up. They will likely be better at answering specific BackerKit questions than me, so I suggest you reach out to them first.

I know BackerKit can be a bit of a headache, and I appreciate your working with me on it. This is my first campaign with a lot of add-ons, and I'm learning a lot too. Thanks!

BackerKit surveys sent!
14 days ago – Mon, Nov 06, 2017 at 10:47:09 PM

Hi folks,

Check your emails! You should have received a BackerKit survey. 

The BackerKit survey is where you tell me your address. You'll also get to order additional products, like extra copies and such.

If you order anything extra, your card won't be charged for a few months. You're allowed to make changes to your order until about March, at earliest. And you'll be able to change your shipping address until then, too. I'll let you know through these Kickstarter updates when these deadlines will be; they'll depend on the speed of manufacturing and shipment of the games to our warehouses.

If you're ordering add-on copies of On the Air, and you're in the US, note that the shipping price is incorrect. It should be $3 shipping, not $5, in the US. I should be able to fix this in a day or two, once I hear from BackerKit what the best way to fix the error is.

I'll be at BGG.CON next week, if anyone wants to say hello! Look for me in the Aviators vendor hall.

Networks base game on Tabletopia, delayed response time for next 2 weeks
29 days ago – Mon, Oct 23, 2017 at 08:27:08 PM

Hi everyone! Two more notes that frankly should have been in the last update...

The Networks base game is now on Tabletopia!

Play it here! It's just the base game for now, but hopefully we can expand on that soon...

I'm on the road for the next two weeks; count on delayed responses!

I'm about to fly out to Essen, and I have Metatopia the week after that. So I may not reply too quickly to messages or comments. Don't be surprised if it takes a few days to get back to you.

Thanks, and hopefully see you soon!